Auto-donating is super-easy and safe!  You can set-up an auto-tithe payment with your own bank; or tithe directly here at; or donate with your debit/credit card at our accounts with Breeze, Breeze Text & Give; or PayPal.  Setting up your donations and tithes is easy and takes only a few minutes of your time.


Easy Bree Zee!


Ahiah uses Breeze Church Management System.  With Breeze, you can set up your ongoing tithes anddonations with the simple click of a "breeze" button!


text & give


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If you shop with Amazon, please consider using Ahiah's Amazon Smile account.  This is a great way to shop and let a little bit come back to Ahiah!

Other Ways to Donate

There are so many reasons and ways to give.  We appreciate that you think of Ahiah in your giving plans.  Some start with our "Dollar-a-Day" program, and commit to $30 or $31 monthly.  Others click "Tithes and Offerings" to donate the traditional 10% of their income or other set amount.  Perhaps you received a surprise financial boost, or refund, or maybe even won money.  If so, you might consider making a donation through the "Unexpected Income" link with the money tree image.  

In thinking of the future, you may want to think about Ahiah in your Estate or Trust Planning.  We are honored that you will Leave a Legacy in your name or your loved one's.  Whatever you decide, please step out in faith, and Make a Pledge.  This greatly helps our Center to estimate financial resources to meet overhead and expenses.


Thank you for your loving support of Ahiah!

Pick a Project to be a part of for our Center, OR create your own!